Earthquake relief.
We a non-profit, non-governmental organization Nepal Care Concern was founded with the intention of assisting individuals in need to become more self-sufficient, save lives, and decrease the effects of calamities. Even though we were officially established in 2016 we have been working on social activities beforehand too.

During the Earthquake in Nepal 2015 (25th April -12th May) there were around 10 thousand of death casualties and thousands of disabilities our present president of the organization Mingmar Sarkee Sherpa led an earthquake relief campaign.

What we did and will continue doing :
–  Roofless were given Zinc roofs (Jasta)
– Those without clothes were given clothes,
– Distributed mattresses, triple, and many more
– Conducted free health camps in 5 spots with various doctors in places like Solukhumbu and Okhaldhunga districts,
– A prompt response to the needs of the displaced by giving them shelter and necessities,
– Collecting and distributing Donations
– Conducted Free Eye camp as well
– We were very involved in assessing needs and attempted to establish local coordination mechanisms.

We not only save lives but also help communities become more self-sufficient by giving them the tools and capacity to respond to disasters and get ready for them before they happen. We help people recover from crises and help those who have been disadvantaged for a long time to escape poverty. We occasionally provide health camps in various locations.

By partnering with different sectors and understanding the requirements on the ground, Nepal Care Concern strives to deliver effective and efficient relief. The catastrophe assistance campaign is still being worked on by Nepal Care Concern. and guarantees to keep doing so. Everyone who wants to assist us is welcome. Together, let’s assist those who are in need. Your contribution will help patients heal more rapidly.