Free Eye Campaign

The Free Eye Campaign is one of Nepal Care Concern’s flagship programs. This initiative aims to provide free eye care services to marginalized and remote communities in Nepal.

Nepal Care Concern understands that reaching remote areas is a challenge, so they take their services to the people. Mobile eye camps are organized in various locations, including mountainous regions, where medical teams set up temporary clinics.

Poverty often compounds the challenges faced by those with eye problems. The Free Eye Campaign eliminates financial barriers by providing consultations, medication, and surgeries free of charge.

Raising awareness about eye health and the importance of regular check-ups is a crucial aspect of the campaign. Educational programs and community outreach efforts aim to change perceptions and encourage early intervention.

The campaign also focuses on training local healthcare workers to conduct eye screenings, thereby creating a sustainable approach to eye care in these communities.

The impact of the Free Eye Campaign has been profound. Thousands of individuals who were once burdened by blindness or vision impairments have had their lives transformed. They can now lead more fulfilling, independent lives, participate in their communities, and support their families. Moreover, the campaign has reduced the economic burden on families who no longer have to spend their limited resources on eye care.