Welcome to Nepal Care Concern

Nepal Care Concern is a non-profit distributing organization that has been making a positive impact on the lives of Nepali communities. Registered under the Company Act 2063 of the Nepal government, this organization is committed to serving the people of Nepal with dedication and compassion. With affiliations with both the SWC (Social Welfare Council) of Nepal and the tax company VAT, Nepal Care Concern operates with transparency and accountability.

Nepal Care Concern asks for legal permissions from the related governmental departs before carrying out to extend its working areas and obeying every rule and regulation directed by the Nepal Government.

This organization mainly works in the quality education sectors targeting only remote mountainous villages. We are working hard that every child gets an opportunity to go to school and make this opportunity available in their own native and cultural village where children learn practical education from day-to-day life without separating from their parents. Besides, we work in the health and various social services sectors.

Affiliation with the SWC Social Welfare Council of Nepal underscores Nepal Care Concern’s commitment to adhering to government regulations and guidelines for non-profit organizations. This affiliation helps ensure transparency and accountability in their operations.

Being registered with the tax company VAT demonstrates the organization’s financial responsibility and compliance with tax regulations. It ensures that resources are effectively allocated to support their various programs and initiatives. Read MoreĀ